Recruiting 101 With Amy: Your Chances Of Getting A Scholarship

Your Chances Of Scoring A Scholarship

If you want to play college volleyball, there is a place for you. Even if you aren't good enough to play at a top Division I program, there's always lower-level Division I teams, Division II and III, NAIA, and junior college. Division I and II and NAIA programs offer scholarships.

Here are some points to focus on if you're pursing a college scholarship.

  • First and foremost if you are selecting schools that are realistic for you to play at, they will be interested in you.
  • Send letters/emails of interest and follow up with a phone call. If they are interested in you, they will respond back to you and be reciprocal in the recruiting process.
  • Respond to any correspondence from coaches.
  • Send playing schedules so coaches can easily find you at big tournaments.
  • Maintain contact – all else being equal a coach might lean towards a player who has been more diligent about responding and showing interest and have created that relationship with them.
  • Provide game video. Many will ask for game video when you start the process. Be ready to provide them with great game video.

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