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Workout Wednesday With Riley And Maddison McKibbin

Mar 23, 2017

Professional beach volleyball players and brothers Maddison and Riley McKibbin know that working hard in the gym is a key part of achieving the results they want in the sand. 

We spent a day with them in the weight room and are bringing you this example of what a typical workout for the duo of former USC indoor players looks like. 

See the complete workouts below.

Riley: Full Body WorkoutMaddison: Upper Body Workout
2 Band Hip Bridge on Roller2 Band Hip Bridge on Roller
2 Band Lat Walk2 Band Lat Walk
2 Band Sweeper Steps2 Band Sweeper Steps
Double Band Rev Step Touches on BosuDouble Band Rev Step Touches on Bosu
Double Band Squat + ABDDouble Band Squat + ABD
Pigeon MobilityPigeon Mobility
Bosu Band Chop up + SA XBosu Band Chop up + SA X
Bosu Band @ Wrists TapsBosu Band @ Wrists Taps
Side Plank Rev Fly + SA HoldSide Plank Rev Fly + SA Hold
MB Reach Over RollerMB Reach Over Roller
MB Sit-up Throw to WallMB Sit-up Throw to Wall
Wall Sit + MB OH ReachWall Sit + MB OH Reach
J-Band Side Lunge to OH ReachJ-Band Side Lunge to OH Reach
J-Band W to Y to OH SquatJ-Band W to Y to OH Squat
Slide Board Rev Lunge + MB TwistBanded Slide Board Circles
DB RDL on PadPlank Walk to MB SA Raise
TRX SL Squat + Side LungeUBE SA Forward
SB Band Twist + OH ReachRoller Angels
Light Bar SquatBench Plank T
BB Rev LungesProne W Hold + Reps
Slide Board CirclesAlt Prone Row
KB Deadlift on Sm BoxDB SA Incline Bench w/ feet up
Vertimax Step-upsSurge Combo
Rope Anti Rotation + TwistDB Front Raise to Lat Raise
Light Bar RDLSlide Board Leg Circles
Curve SprintHammer Row + Coach Resistance
Roll LowerHammer Alt Press + Band Resistance
Banded Slide Board CirclesKneeling SA Lat Pull
Plank Walk to MB SA RaiseInfinity Rope Pull
Roller AngelsRoll Lats/Diagonal Thoracic Mobility
Bench Plank WSB Cable Lat Raise
Alt Prone RowSB Twist + OH Reach
DB Front Raise to Lat RaiseBosu Curl + Press in Lunge
Bosu Curl + Press in LungeCore/Stretch

Like this workout and want to get more workout and training ideas from the Beard Bros? They'll be releasing videos of their workouts and practices on their website, so check it out!