Montreux Volley Masters Rosters Released

The 2017 Montreux Volley Masters is the first big event of the women's international season. With reigning Olympic gold medalist China and perpetual powerhouse Brazil also in attendance, competition is sure to be fierce.

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Here are the rosters for the eight participating nations.


Number First Last Position
1 Priscilla Bosio OPP
2 Tanya Acosta OH
3 (C) Paula Yamila Nizetich OH
5 Lucia Fresco OPP
6 Elina Rodriguez OH
7 Natalia Aispurua MB
8 Sol Piccolo OH
9 Clarisa Sagardia S
10 Emilce Sosa MB
12 Tatiana Soledad Rizzo L
14 Florencia Giorgi MB
15 Antonela Fortuna L
17 Helena Vidal S
19 Morena Martinez Franchi OH


Number First Last Position
1 Mara Ferreira Leao MB
3 Naiane De Almeida Rios S
4 Ana Carolina Da Silva MB
5 Adenizia Da Silva MB
6 Edinara Brancher OH
7 Rosamaria Montibeller OH
8 Fernanda Tome OH
9 Roberta Silva Ratzke S
11 Tandara Caixeta OH
12 (C) Natalia Pereira OH
13 Amanda Francisco OH
14 Gabriella Souza L
16 Drussyla Costa OH
17 Suelen Pinto L


Number First Last Position
2 Jingwen Qian OPP
3 Jing Li OH
4 Huimin Wang OH
5 Yi Gao MB
6 Xiangyu Gong OPP
7 Linyu Diao S
9 Di Yao S
10 (C) Xiaotong Liu OH
12 Yixin Zheng MB
13 Chenyue Wang MB
15 Li Lin L
17 Yuanyuan Wang MB
18 Mengjie Wang L
19 Ruoya Xu OH


Number First Last Position
1 Lenka Dürr L
2 Irina Kemmsies S
4 (C) Maren Brinker OH
6 Jennifer Geerties OH
10 Lena Stigrot OH
11 Louisa Lippmann OPP
14 Marie Schölzel MB
15 Lena Möllers S
16 Juliane Langgemach MB
17 Anna Pogany L
18 Dora Grozer OH
19 Tanja Grosser OH
20 Leonie Schwertmann MB
21 Barbara Roxana Wezorke MB


Number First Last Position
1 Kirsten Knip L
2 (C) Femke Stoltenborg S
3 Yvon Beliën MB
4 Celeste Plak OH
7 Jeanine Stoeten MB
12 Britt Bongaerts S
17 Nicole Oude Luttikhuis OH
18 Marrit Jasper OH
19 Nika Daalderop OH
20 Tessa Polder MB
22 Nicole Koolhaas MB
26 Dagmar Boom L


Number First Last Position
3 Klaudia Alagierska MB
4 Patrycja Polak OH
5 Agnieszka Kakolewska MB
9 Aleksandra Krzos L
10 Zuzanna Efimienko MB
12 Monika Bociek OPP
13 Agata Witkowska L
14 (C) Joanna Wolosz S
15 Martyna Grajber OH
16 Natalia Medrzyk OH
17 Malwina Smarzek OPP
20 Marlena Plesnierowicz S
22 Roksana Brzoska OH
25 Malgorzata Jasek OPP


Number First Last Position
2 Linda Kronenberg OH
5 Martina Halter MB
6 Madlaina Matter MB
8 Maja Storck OPP
9 Tabea Dalliard L
11 Sarah Trösch S
12 Julie Lengweiler OH
13 Elise Boillat OH
14 (C) Laura Künzler OH
17 Méline Pierret S
19 Thays Deprati L
20 Alexandra Lorenz L
21 Francine Marx OPP
22 Samira Sulser OPP


Number First Last Position
2 Piyanut Pannoy L
3 Pornpun Guedpard S
4 Thatdao Nuekjang MB
5 (C) Pleumjit Thinkaow MB
7 Hattaya Bamrungsuk MB
8 Yupa Sanitklang L
9 Jarasporn Bundasak MB
10 Wilavan Apinyapong OH
11 Soraya Phomla S
12 Tapaphaipun Chaisri OPP
16 Pimpichaya Kokram OPP
17 Tichaya Boonlert S
18 Ajcharaporn Kongyot OH
19 Chatchu-On Moksri OH


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