2021 Nike Daytona Beach 100

Everything You Need To Know About 2021 Nike Daytona Beach 100

Everything You Need To Know About 2021 Nike Daytona Beach 100

The Nike Daytona Beach 100 will bring close to 300 teams to four venues in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 30-31, 2021.

Jan 29, 2021 by FloVolleyball Staff
Everything You Need To Know About 2021 Nike Daytona Beach 100

The Nike Daytona Beach 100 will bring close to 300 teams to four venues in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 30-31, 2021. With divisions from 18 Open to 10 Club, the Nike Daytona Beach 100 has something for everyone, but in this preview we’re going to focus on the 18 Open division. 

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Jan. 30-31 | 8AM ET

Eight teams will compete for the title in the top division, and six of those squads will be fresh off of playing at the Florida 18s Qualifier last weekend. We’ll give you a quick rundown on each team, including their recent results.

Black Creek VBC 18 Smack | Orange Park, Florida

Made up of mostly the Middleburg High School varsity team, Black Creek 18 Smack competed in 18 American last weekend at the Florida qualifier where they finished fifth. Outside hitter Jenna Sypniewski and Shelby McKinney led Middleburg’s offense this fall, and I’d expect them to do the same for Black Creek.

Cape Coast 18 ATLAS | Cocoa, Florida

The Daytona Beach 100 will be just the second tournament of the year for Cape Coast 18 Atlas. The squad finished 32nd in 18 USA last weekend in Orlando. With four setters on the roster (Piper Dowdell, Taylor Mullen, Alivia McNally, and Abigail Taylor), Atlas may just still be figuring out their offense. Working in their favor is that Mullen, middle/outside Olivia Yochim, and middle Mackenzie Sands all play for Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne.

Club Savannah 18 Adidas | Savannah, Georgia

Club Savannah was one of the two teams that didn’t compete in the 18s qualifier last weekend, so perhaps they’ll have just slightly fresher legs than the competition. Watch out for two-sport athlete Tynley Smeltzer. A star for Calvary Day School on the basketball court, Smeltzer has signed with College of Charleston for volleyball. In all, Club SAV 18 Adidas has six college commits, including setter/opposite Alexia Polychrones who will be headed to Mercer in the fall.

Game Point 18 Rox | Orlando, Florida

The only team competing in 18 Open at the Daytona Beach 100 that also competed in Open at the 18s qualifier, Game Point 18 Rox took a 24th last weekend. Already having faced top-level competition should serve them well in Daytona Beach. Look for outside Riley Cullen (USC Upstate) and libero Izabella De Lima (USC Aiken).

Game Point 17 Rox | Ocala Power United 18 Adidas

Ocala Power United 18 Adidas finished ninth in the ultracompetitive 18 USA division at the Florida qualifier with a 4-3 record. I’ll have my eye on Montana State-bound libero Maci Abshier, but Taylor Lawrence, an honorable mention all county middle, will be worth watching too. Another fun thing: in addition to playing volleyball, OH/DS Kali Walker competes in the equestrian sport known as mounted games. Check it out on her Instagram.

OTVA Jacksonville 18 Dee | Jacksonville, Florida

OTVA Jacksonville 18 Dee started the season out strong, sweeping the competition on the first day of competition at the Florida qualifier. 18 Dee ended up with a 15th place finish in 18 USA. Six members of this team played together as 17s, including Palm Beach Atlantic commit Kyndal Elam and Tampa-bound Jangelyz Ramirez.

OTVA Orlando 18 Emily | Orlando, Florida

OTVA Orlando 18 Emily boasted a 6-1 record in the 18 American division last weekend, giving them a fifth-place finish. The roster features NOVA Southeastern commit Elizabeth Price. Ellise Everett is poised to have a good season as well following an appearance in the 7A state championship match with her Lake Nona High School team.

Upontop 18s Elite Tim | Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Last but not least, Upontop 18s Elite Tim will be looking to build on a second-place finish the team achieved at the Florida Winter Festival, January 9-10. Middle Cassidy Lee and setter Madison Lee are committed to Life University, and Shelby Kent is headed to Florida Gulf Coast. This fall, Kent became the first player at Treasure Coast High School to surpass 1,000 career kills.

Waves & Tournament Schedule

Wave times for Saturday, January 30th:


  • GIRLS 18 Open, 17's, 15's, 13 Club, 11's, 10's


  • GIRLS 18 Club, 16's, 14's, 13 Open, 12's

A full tournament schedule is posted on www.SportWrench.com.

Full Team List

Nearly 300 teams, mostly residing from Florida – with a few from Georgia – will take the courts at the 2021 Nike Daytona Beach 100. 

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Jan. 30-31 | 8AM ET

Before we get to action this weekend, check out the full list of teams that have registered to be in the mix.

Team NameClubDivisionState
904 Elite 15N904 Elite Volleyball15 USAFL
A5 14 AllisonA5 Mizuno Volleyball14 OpenGA
A5 South 14 AylaA5 Mizuno Volleyball14 USAGA
A5 17 MissyA5 Mizuno Volleyball17 USAGA
Beach Wave 15 EliteBeach Wave Volleyball Club15 ClubFL
Beach Wave 16 EliteBeach Wave Volleyball Club16 ClubFL
Black Creek VBC 13 1Black Creek Volleyball Club13 ClubFL
Black Creek VBC 14 1Black Creek Volleyball Club14 ClubFL
Black Creek VBC 15 1Black Creek Volleyball Club15 ClubFL
Black Creek VBC 16 1Black Creek Volleyball Club16 ClubFL
Black Creek VBC 17 1Black Creek Volleyball Club17 OpenFL
Black Creek VBC 18 1Black Creek Volleyball Club18 OpenFL
Brandon Elite 13 SamuraiBrandon Elite Volleyball Association13 ClubFL
Brandon Elite 14 GreenBrandon Elite Volleyball Association14 ClubFL
Brandon Elite 15 GreenBrandon Elite Volleyball Association15 ClubFL
Brandon Elite 16 GreenBrandon Elite Volleyball Association16 ClubFL
Brandon Elite 17 GreenBrandon Elite Volleyball Association17 ClubFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 12 CassiniCape Coast Volleyball Club12 ClubFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 13 ColumbiaCape Coast Volleyball Club13 OpenFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 14 ChallengerCape Coast Volleyball Club14 OpenFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 15 SaturnCape Coast Volleyball Club15 OpenFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 16 DeltaCape Coast Volleyball Club16 ClubFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 16 TitanCape Coast Volleyball Club16 OpenFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 76 PegasusCape Coast Volleyball Club17 ClubFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 17 FalconCape Coast Volleyball Club17 OpenFL
Cape Coast Volleyball Club 18 AtlasCape Coast Volleyball Club18 OpenFL
clubSAV 13 adidasClub Savannah Volleyball13 ClubGA
clubSAV 14 NationalClub Savannah Volleyball14 ClubGA
clubSAV 14 adidasClub Savannah Volleyball14 OpenGA
clubSAV 15 NationalClub Savannah Volleyball15 ClubGA
clubSAV 15 adidasClub Savannah Volleyball15 USAGA
clubSAV 16 NationalClub Savannah Volleyball16 ClubGA
clubSAV 16 adidasClub Savannah Volleyball16 OpenGA
clubSAV 17 adidasClub Savannah Volleyball17 USAGA
clubSAV 18 adidasClub Savannah Volleyball18 OpenGA
Club Steel 14 NavyClub Steel Volleyball14 OpenFL
Club Steel 14 SilverClub Steel Volleyball14 USAFL
Club Steel 16 NavyClub Steel Volleyball16 OpenFL
Crossfire 18 BlackCrossfire Volleyball Club18 ClubFL
DME Adidas American 11UDME Sports11 ClubFL
DME Adidas Elite 12U BlackDME Sports12 OpenFL
DME Adidas American 13UDME Sports13 ClubFL
DME Adidas Elite 13U BlackDME Sports13 OpenFL
DME Adidas Elite 14U BlueDME Sports14 ClubFL
DME Adidas Elite 14U BlackDME Sports14 OpenFL
DME Adidas American 15UDME Sports15 ClubFL
DME Adidas Elite 15U BlackDME Sports15 OpenFL
DME Adidas Elite 15U BlueDME Sports15 USAFL
DME Adidas Elite 16U BlackDME Sports16 OpenFL
DME Hybrid 16UDME Sports16 USAFL
DME Adidas Elite 16U BlueDME Sports16 USAFL
DME 17 Adidas American 17-2UDME Sports17 ClubFL
DME Adidas American 17UDME Sports17 ClubFL
DME Hybrid 18UDME Sports18 ClubFL
Dragons GoldDragons Volleyball Club18 ClubMA
DYV Academy 13 1DYV Academy, LLC13 ClubFL
DYV Academy 14 1DYV Academy, LLC14 ClubFL
Elevate Volleyball 15Elevate Volleyball15 ClubFL
Elevate Volleyball 17 - ReggieElevate Volleyball17 ClubFL
Elevate Volleyball 17 - ChuckElevate Volleyball17 OpenFL
Elevate Volleyball 17 - SBElevate Volleyball17 USAFL
Elevate Volleyball 18Elevate Volleyball18 ClubFL
Five Stars VBC 15U EliteFive Stars Volleyball Club15 ClubFL
Five Stars VBC 17U EliteFive Stars Volleyball Club17 ClubFL
FPV 16-KatiaFlorida Performance Volleyball16 OpenFL
FPV 17u-FernFlorida Performance Volleyball17 USAFL
Gainesville Jrs 12 1Gainesville Juniors12 OpenFL
Gainesville Jrs 13 1Gainesville Juniors13 OpenFL
Gainesville Jrs 15 -1 oorangeGainesville Juniors15 OpenFL
Gainesville Jrs 15 1 BlueGainesville Juniors15 OpenFL
Gainesville Jrs 16 2Gainesville Juniors16 ClubFL
Gainesville Jrs 17 1Gainesville Juniors17 OpenFL
Gainesville Jrs 16 1Gainesville Juniors17 OpenFL
GP 11 RoxGame Point Volleyball11 ClubFL
GP 13 GoldGame Point Volleyball13 OpenFL
GP 12 RoxGame Point Volleyball13 OpenFL
GP 14 GoldGame Point Volleyball14 OpenFL
GP 13 RoxGame Point Volleyball14 OpenFL
GP 15 GoldGame Point Volleyball15 OpenFL
GP 16 GoldGame Point Volleyball16 OpenFL
GP 15 RoxGame Point Volleyball16 OpenFL
GP 14 RoxGame Point Volleyball16 OpenFL
GP 17 GoldGame Point Volleyball17 OpenFL
GP 16 RoxGame Point Volleyball17 OpenFL
GP 18 RoxGame Point Volleyball18 OpenFL
GP 17 RoxGame Point Volleyball18 OpenFL
Jax Skyline 12 1Jacksonville Skyline12 ClubFL
Jax Skyline 13 2Jacksonville Skyline13 ClubFL
Jax Skyline 13 1Jacksonville Skyline13 ClubFL
Jax Skyline 14 1Jacksonville Skyline14 OpenFL
Jax Skyline 14 2Jacksonville Skyline14 USAFL
Jax Skyline 15 2Jacksonville Skyline15 ClubFL
Jax Skyline 15 1Jacksonville Skyline15 USAFL
Jax Skyline 16 2Jacksonville Skyline16 ClubFL
Jax Skyline 16 1Jacksonville Skyline16 USAFL
Jax Skyline 17 1Jacksonville Skyline17 OpenFL
Jax Skyline 18 1Jacksonville Skyline18 ClubFL
Jupiter Elite 12EJupiter Volleyball Club12 OpenFL
Jupiter Elite 15EJupiter Volleyball Club15 OpenFL
Jupiter Elite 16EJupiter Volleyball Club16 OpenFL
MPV 13's MAXMax Performance Volleyball13 ClubFL
MPV 15's MAXMax Performance Volleyball15 OpenFL
Miami Hype 12U NekaneMiami Hype12 ClubFL
Miami Hype 13U DiazMiami Hype13 ClubFL
Miami Hype 15U EmilioMiami Hype15 OpenFL
Miami Hype 16U JoshMiami Hype16 ClubFL
Miami Hype 16U AlainMiami Hype16 OpenFL
Miami Wave 14 AquaMiami Wave Volleyball Club14 ClubFL
NMB14U National AshleyNMB Volleyball Academy14 USAFL
NMB 15U National CuquiNMB Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
NMB 16U Elite DannyNMB Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
OPU 10 LAURENOcala Power United10 ClubFL
OPU 11/12 BRADOcala Power United12 ClubFL
OPU 12 ADIDASOcala Power United12 OpenFL
OPU 13 ADIDASOcala Power United13 OpenFL
OPU 14 ADIDASOcala Power United14 OpenFL
OPU 14 POWEROcala Power United14 USAFL
OPU 15 POWEROcala Power United15 ClubFL
OPU 15 ADIDASOcala Power United15 OpenFL
OPU 15/16 THUNDEROcala Power United16 ClubFL
OPU 16 ADIDASOcala Power United16 OpenFL
OPU 16/17 POWEROcala Power United17 ClubFL
OPU 18 ADIDASOcala Power United18 OpenFL
10 O CynthiaOTVA Volleyball Academy10 ClubFL
12 O GibbyOTVA Volleyball Academy12 OpenFL
13 T LizOTVA Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
13 O AmberOTVA Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
13 J RicoOTVA Volleyball Academy13 OpenFL
13 T TabithaOTVA Volleyball Academy13 OpenFL
14 T IkeOTVA Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
14 O JordanOTVA Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
14 J DeeOTVA Volleyball Academy14 OpenFL
14 T KeshaOTVA Volleyball Academy14 OpenFL
14 O AlexOTVA Volleyball Academy14 OpenFL
13 O FelixOTVA Volleyball Academy14 OpenFL
15 J AsanteOTVA Volleyball Academy15 ClubFL
15 T WendyOTVA Volleyball Academy15 ClubFL
15 O GabeOTVA Volleyball Academy15 ClubFL
15 J JohnOTVA Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
15 T JustinOTVA Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
14 T LauraOTVA Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
15 O CristobalOTVA Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
14 O TomOTVA Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
16 T MichelleOTVA Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
16 T KikiOTVA Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
16 O OmiOTVA Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
16 O DraganaOTVA Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
16 J WillOTVA Volleyball Academy16 OpenFL
15 O IsaacOTVA Volleyball Academy16 OpenFL
16 J HayleyOTVA Volleyball Academy16 USAFL
17 O TJOTVA Volleyball Academy17 ClubFL
17 J RicoOTVA Volleyball Academy17 OpenFL
17 O SemeiOTVA Volleyball Academy17 OpenFL
16 O MegOTVA Volleyball Academy17 OpenFL
18 J DeeOTVA Volleyball Academy18 OpenFL
18 O EmilyOTVA Volleyball Academy18 OpenFL
OVA 11 BLACKOviedo Volleyball Academy11 ClubFL
OVA 12 BLACKOviedo Volleyball Academy12 ClubFL
OVA 13 BLUEOviedo Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
OVA 13 BLACKOviedo Volleyball Academy13 OpenFL
OVA 14 BLUEOviedo Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
OVA 14 BLACKOviedo Volleyball Academy14 OpenFL
OVA 15 WHITEOviedo Volleyball Academy15 ClubFL
OVA 15 BLACKOviedo Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
OVA 15 BLUEOviedo Volleyball Academy15 USAFL
OVA 16 WHITEOviedo Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
OVA 16 BLACKOviedo Volleyball Academy16 OpenFL
OVA 16 BLUEOviedo Volleyball Academy16 USAFL
OVA 17 BLUEOviedo Volleyball Academy17 ClubFL
OVA 17 BLACKOviedo Volleyball Academy17 OpenFL
Pinellas Heat 11 ElitePinellas Heat Elite11 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 12 ElitePinellas Heat Elite12 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 13 ElitePinellas Heat Elite13 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 13 HeatPinellas Heat Elite13 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 14 HeatPinellas Heat Elite14 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 14 ElitePinellas Heat Elite14 USAFL
Pinellas Heat 15 MeganPinellas Heat Elite15 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 15 JessiePinellas Heat Elite15 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 15 ElitePinellas Heat Elite15 USAFL
Pinellas Heat 16 ElitePinellas Heat Elite16 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 17 HeatPinellas Heat Elite17 ClubFL
Pinellas Heat 17 ElitePinellas Heat Elite17 USAFL
POV 16U - VallePort Orange Volleyball16 USAFL
POV 17U VallePort Orange Volleyball17 USAFL
PVA 13 NationalPower Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
PVA 15 ElitePower Volleyball Academy15 USAFL
PVA 17 ElitePower Volleyball Academy17 OpenFL
PVA 18 ElitePower Volleyball Academy18 ClubFL
Quest 12 KarlyQuest Volleyball Academy12 ClubFL
Quest 13 Karly/TeresaQuest Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
Quest 13 JayQuest Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
Quest 14 SarahQuest Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
Quest 14 TaylorQuest Volleyball Academy14 USAFL
Quest 15 SamQuest Volleyball Academy15 ClubFL
Quest 15 TeresaQuest Volleyball Academy15 ClubFL
Quest 16 AshleyQuest Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
Siesta Key Jrs 12 StefSiesta Key Juniors12 ClubFL
Siesta Key Jrs 13 C.D.Siesta Key Juniors13 ClubFL
Siesta Key Jrs 14 NancySiesta Key Juniors14 ClubFL
Siesta Key Jrs 15 AngieSiesta Key Juniors15 ClubFL
Siesta Key Jrs 17 NateSiesta Key Juniors17 OpenFL
Society 16 EliteSociety Volleyball16 OpenFL
ST7 16U ERREAST7 Volleyball16 ClubFL
ST7 17U ERREAST7 Volleyball17 ClubFL
TJVBC 13 proTallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club13 ClubFL
TJVBC 14 eliteTallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club14 ClubFL
TJVBC 14 proTallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club14 ClubFL
TJVBC 15 eliteTallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club15 ClubFL
TJVBC 15 ProTallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club15 OpenFL
TJVBC 16 EliteTallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club16 ClubFL
TJVBC 16 ProTallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club16 ClubFL
TJVBC 17 ProTallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club17 OpenFL
TVA 12 SmackTallahassee Volleyball Academy12 ClubFL
TVA 13 SmackTallahassee Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
TVA 14 GoldTallahassee Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
TVA 14 BlackTallahassee Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
TVA 14 SmackTallahassee Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
TVA 15 GoldTallahassee Volleyball Academy15 ClubFL
TVA 15 BlackTallahassee Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
TVA 15 SmackTallahassee Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
TVA 16 BlackTallahassee Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
TVA 16 SmackTallahassee Volleyball Academy16 OpenFL
TVA 17 SmackTallahassee Volleyball Academy17 OpenFL
TVA 17 BlackTallahassee Volleyball Academy17 USAFL
Tampa North 17Tampa North Volleyball Club17 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 12T ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy12 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 12U ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy12 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 13U ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 13T ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy13 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 14BL ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 14U ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 14T ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy14 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 15T ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy15 ClubFL
TAMPA UNITED VBA 16T ROXTampa United Volleyball Academy16 ClubFL
Top Select 13 SelectTOP SELECT VOLLEYBALL13 ClubFL
Top Select 14 SelectTOP SELECT VOLLEYBALL14 ClubFL
Trinity 13 GoldTrinity Volleyball Club13 ClubFL
Trinity 15 GoldTrinity Volleyball Club15 USAFL
Trinity 16 GarnetTrinity Volleyball Club16 ClubFL
Trinity 16 GoldTrinity Volleyball Club16 OpenFL
Trinity 17 GoldTrinity Volleyball Club17 OpenFL
Trinity 18 GoldTrinity Volleyball Club18 ClubFL
Upontop 14s National HeverUPONTOP VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY14 ClubFL
Upontop 15s National BrieUPONTOP VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY15 ClubFL
Upontop 16s National LeAnnaUPONTOP VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY16 ClubFL
Upontop 16s National FeliciaUPONTOP VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY16 ClubFL
Upontop 16s National StacyUPONTOP VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY16 ClubFL
Upontop 18 National StacyUPONTOP VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY18 ClubFL
VEVA 17 BlackVero Elite Volleyball Academy17 OpenFL
Volleytech 15 1Volleytech Academy15 ClubFL
Volleytech 16 1Volleytech Academy16 ClubFL
Volleytech 17 1Volleytech Academy17 ClubFL
Warrior 16 BlackWarrior Athletics16 ClubFL
Warrior 17 BlackWarrior Athletics17 ClubFL
WVBA 14 ELITE NATALIEWellington Volleyball Academy14 OpenFL
WVBA 15 ELITE SERGIOWellington Volleyball Academy15 OpenFL
WVBA 16 ELITE MARKWellington Volleyball Academy16 OpenFL
WVBA 17 ELITE DANIELLEWellington Volleyball Academy17 ClubFL
WVBA 17 ELITE PATTYWellington Volleyball Academy17 OpenFL
WVBA 18 ELITE MARKOWellington Volleyball Academy18 ClubFL
WPVC 11 Armour BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club11 ClubFL
WPVC 12 Armour BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club12 OpenFL
WPVC 13 Elite BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club13 ClubFL
WPVC 13 Armour BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club13 OpenFL
WPVC 14 Elite BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club14 ClubFL
WPVC 14 Armour BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club14 USAFL
WPVC 15 Elite OrangeWinter Park Volleyball Club15 ClubFL
WPVC 15 Elite BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club15 ClubFL
WPVC 15 Armour BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club15 OpenFL
WPVC 16 Elite OrangeWinter Park Volleyball Club16 ClubFL
WPVC 16 Elite BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club16 ClubFL
WPVC 16 Armour BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club16 OpenFL
WPVC 16 Armour OrangeWinter Park Volleyball Club16 USAFL
WPVC 17 Armour BlackWinter Park Volleyball Club17 OpenFL
WPVC 17 Armour OrangeWinter Park Volleyball Club17 USAFL
First Coast Elite 12's SmackYMCA of Florida's First Coast12 ClubFL
First Coast Elite 13's SmackYMCA of Florida's First Coast13 ClubFL
First Coast Elite 14's SmackYMCA of Florida's First Coast14 ClubFL
First Coast Elite 15's SmackYMCA of Florida's First Coast15 ClubFL
First Coast Elite 17's SmackYMCA of Florida's First Coast17 ClubFL