2021 Lil Big South Team List & Schedule

Lil Big South

Three days of action are quickly approaching as nearly 300 teams are set to take the courts of the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta for 2021 Lil Big South.

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Jan. 16-18 | 8AM ET

To make sure you don't miss any of the action on the 20 courts that will be shown LIVE right here on FloVolleyball, check out the schedule, here!

Full Team List 


Team NameDivision Name
WAVES 16 Power Rox16 Open
850 Elite 14 Blue14 Local
850 Elite 14 Black14 Local
850 Elite 13 Blue13 Power
Tsunami CG161P Pepper16 Club
Tsunami CG131P John14 Local
Tsunami S111E Gabriella12 Club
CSVBC 16 116 Club
C1VB 16 ONE Greenville16 Power
C1VB 15 ONE Greenville15 Power
NC Power 15 115 Power
COLAVOL 15 Auburn15 Club
COLAVOL 16 Black16 Power
COLAVOL 17 Black17 Power
COLAVOL 18 Black18 Club
COLAVOL 16 Carolina16 Club
COLAVOL 14 Black14 Local
COLAVOL 15 Carolina15 Local
COLAVOL 15 Black15 Club
ASHOK 14 114 Club
MGCVC 15 Black Laura15 Club
MGCVC 14 Black Rick14 Club
MGCVC 18 Black Christine18 Club
Tsunami N171E Chanita17 Club
Tsunami N171P Jordan17 Club
Tsunami S162P Jason16 Club
Tsunami S161P Tanesha16 Club
Tsunami N162E Hannah16 Club
Tsunami N161E Kyle16 Club
Tsunami N152E KA15 Club
Tsunami S153P Shakinah15 Local
Tsunami S152P Jeff15 Local
Tsunami S151P AlexB15 Local
Tsunami N142E Santreece14 Local
Tsunami N141E Lindsay14 Club
Tsunami N131E AlexP13 Club
Tsunami CG141E Anne14 Club
Tsunami CG151E John15 Club
Tsunami CG161E Jason16 Club
Tsunami CG172E Jason17 Club
Tsunami CG171E Erica17 Power
Tsunami S122E ErinB12 / 11 Local
Tsunami S121E Jeff12 Club
Magnum 14 Mizuno14 Power
Cobb Atlanta 16 Pam16 Club
Club Unite 16 Blue16 Club
Phoenix Rising 14 Joe14 Power
ASHOK 17 117 Club
ASHOK 15 215 Club
ASHOK 15 115 Club
Club Unite 13 Premier13 Club
18-Joe18 Club
3:16 VBC 15 Diego15 Club
PEVC 14N SMACK-Ryan14 Power
PEVC 15N SMACK-Chelsea15 Open
575 VB 13 Tiffany13 Club
575 VB 15 Patricia15 Club
575 VB 15 David/Kim15 Club
575 VB 15 Jeff K15 Club
Club Unite 15 Blue15 Club
A5 Gwinnett 16-Ayanna National16 Club
DSVC 18 BLUE18 Open
DSVC 17 BLUE17 Open
TFVBC - GA 16-Maverick16 Club
TFVBC - GA 15-Maverick15 Club
FURY 15 LOCAL15 Local
FURY 14 LOCAL14 Local
FURY 17U SMACK17 Power
FURY 15U SMACK15 Power
FURY 13U SMACK13 Power
FURY 12U SMACK12 / 11 Local
Tsunami S143E Eric14 Club
Tsunami S142E Sheena14 Power
Tsunami S163E Alexis16 Club
Tsunami S171E Z17 Open
Tsunami S162E Tim16 Power
Tsunami S132E Tim13 Club
Tsunami S131E Kristine13/14 Open
Tsunami S141E Mitchell13/14 Open
Tsunami N151E Dustin15 Club
Tsunami S153E Alex15 Club
Tsunami S152E Michael15 Power
Tsunami S151E Jason15 Open
Tsunami S161E Thong16 Open
Tsunami S172E ErinB17 Power
Tsunami S182E AJ18 Club
Tsunami S181E Dun18 Open
Metro 1818 Club
850 Elite 17 Black17 Club
VPN 18 118 Club
VPN 17 117 Club
VPN 16 116 Club
Club Unite 18 Premier18 Club
Club Unite 18 Heather18 Club
Club Unite 15 Leslie15 Power
TK 18 Legends18 Open
Club Unite 16 Yellow16 Club
Club Unite 16 National Blue16 Club
Club Unite 13 National13 Club
Club Unite 14 National14 Club
TFVBC - GA 14-Viper14 Club
TFVBC - GA 14-Maverick14 Club
575 VB 12 Jeff B13 Club
PEVC 17N SMACK-Tracy17 Open
PEVC 16N SMACK-Gil16 Power
PEVC 13N SMACK-Steven14 Club
Club Unite 18 National18 Open
Club Unite 17 National17 Open
Club Unite 16 National16 Power
RIOVC 16 316 Power
GA Fus 13 113 Club
C2S 15 215 Club
850 Elite 16 Blue16 Power
850 Elite 12 Blue12 Club
17-Travel Brittany17 Club
16-Travel Neal16 Club
15-Travel Joe15 Club
14-Travel Emma14 Club
Lanier 18-1 Abby18 Club
Lanier 17-1 Rachel17 Club
Lanier 16-1 Mary Beth16 Power
Lanier 15-1 Heather15 Power
Lanier 14-1 Bill14 Club
Metro 1616 Club
Metro 1515 Power
Metro 14 Blue14 Club
Metro 14 Black14 Power
Metro 1313 Club
Atlanta Extreme 17 Brit18 Club
Atlanta Extreme 16 Elli17 Club
Atlanta Extreme 16 Manyi17 Power
Atlanta Extreme 15 MaTia16 Club
Atlanta Extreme 15 Raymond16 Power
Atlanta Extreme 14 Stephanie15 Club
Atlanta Extreme 14 Lauren15 Power
Atlanta Extreme 13 Raymond14 Power
Atlanta Extreme 12 Almira13 Club
850 Elite 15 Blue15 Club
850 Elite 18 Blue18 Club
850 Elite 17 Blue17 Open
GA Fus 16 116 Club
GA Fus 15 115 Club
3:16 VBC 17 Devon17 Club
3:16 VBC 17 Luc17 Club
3:16 VBC 16 Natalie16 Club
3:16 VBC 15 Jensyn15 Club
3:16 VBC 14 Cierra14 Club
575 VB 13 Naomi13 Club
575 VB 18 Kailey18 Club
575 VB 18 Sara/Jenna18 Club
575 VB 17 Chad17 Club
575 VB 17 Erin17 Power
575 VB 16 Jim16 Club
575 VB 16 Isabelle16 Club
575 VB 16 Jess C16 Club
575 VB 16 Clay/Olivia16 Power
575 VB 15 Lindsay15 Club
575 VB 15 Dan/Syd15 Club
575 VB 15 Wes15 Power
575 VB 15 Kortney16 Open
575 VB 14 Karlee14 Club
575 VB 14 Marissa14 Club
575 VB 14 Matt14 Power
575 VB 14 John13/14 Open
575 VB 13 Kevin13/14 Open
RIOVC 18 118 Open
RIOVC 17 217 Club
RIOVC 17 117 Open
RIOVC 16 216 Power
RIOVC 16 116 Open
RIOVC 15 215 Power
RIOVC 15 115 Open
RIOVC 14 214 Power
RIOVC 14 113/14 Open
RIOVC 13 213 Club
RIOVC 13 113 Power
Carolina Rogue 1313/14 Open
Carolina Rogue 1516 Open
Carolina Rogue 1617 Open
Carolina Rogue 1818 Open
TJVBC 18 Pro18 Open
Cobb Atlanta 18 Amy18 Open
Cobb Atlanta 18 Sarah18 Open
Cobb Atlanta 17 Jessica17 Club
Cobb Atlanta 17 Scott17 Power
Cobb Atlanta 17 Alex17 Open
Cobb Atlanta 16 Lisa16 Club
Cobb Atlanta 16 Celeste16 Power
Cobb Atlanta 16 Jessica16 Open
Cobb Atlanta 15 Emily15 Local
Cobb Atlanta 15 Stuart15 Club
Cobb Atlanta 15 Rachael15 Power
Cobb Atlanta 15 Trina15 Open
Cobb Atlanta 14 Rob14 Local
Cobb Atlanta 14 Brian14 Club
Cobb Atlanta 14 Amanda14 Club
Cobb Atlanta 14 Kylah14 Power
Cobb Atlanta 14 Kelsey13/14 Open
Cobb Atlanta 13 Teresa13 Club
Cobb Atlanta 13 Jola13 Club
Cobb Atlanta 13 Raven13 Club
Cobb Atlanta 13 Trina13/14 Open
Cobb Atlanta 12 Paul12 / 11 Local
Cobb Atlanta 12 Tom12 Club
Cobb Atlanta 11 Amie12 / 11 Local
clubSAV 16 National16 Club
clubSAV 18 adidas18 Open
clubSAV 17 adidas17 Power
clubSAV 16 adidas16 Open
clubSAV 15 National15 Club
clubSAV 15 adidas15 Power
clubSAV 14 National14 Club
clubSAV 14 adidas13/14 Open
clubSAV 13 adidas13 Club
MGCVC 18 Black Morgan18 Club
MGCVC 17 Black Kelly17 Club
MGCVC 16 Black Rylee16 Club
MGCVC 16 Black Jesse16 Open
MGCVC 15 Black Morgan15 Power
Trailblazers 17 Premiere17 Club
WE 17 Smack17 Club
WE 16 Smack16 Club
WE 15 Smack15 Club
WE 14 Smack14 Club
WE 13 Smack13 Club
WE 12 Smack12 / 11 Local
A5 Gwinnett 18-Jazmine National18 Club
A5 Gwinnett 18-April National18 Open
A5 18 Jordan18 Open
A5 18 Boba18 Open
A5 Gwinnett 17-Tim National17 Power
A5 South 17 JMac17 Power
A5 17 Missy17 Open
A5 17 Kelly18 Open
A5 17 Jing18 Open
A5 Gwinnett 16-Sydney National16 Club
A5 Gwinnett 16-Arieon National16 Power
A5 South 16 Haylea16 Power
A5 South 16 Joe16 Open
A5 16 Stephen17 Power
A5 16 Marc17 Open
A5 16 Gabe17 Open
A5 Gwinnett 15-Jaileen National15 Power
A5 South 15 Ayla15 Power
A5 South 15 Jeremy15 Open
A5 15 Javier15 Power
A5 15 Victor15 Open
A5 15 LA16 Open
A5 15 Bob16 Open
A5 Gwinnett 14-Jazmine National14 Club
A5 South 14 Desiree14 Club
A5 South 14 Paul14 Power
A5 South 14 Ayla14 Power
A5 14 Kelcey14 Power
A5 14 Alex14 Power
A5 14 Tina14 Power
A5 14 Kip14 Power
A5 14 Brianna13/14 Open
A5 14 Allison15 Open
A5 14 Helen15 Open
A5 South 13 Amber13 Club
A5 South 13 Kodie13 Power
A5 13 Kacey13 Club
A5 13 Brett13 Club
A5 13 James13 Club
A5 13 Betty13 Power
A5 13 Earl13/14 Open
A5 13 Karen13/14 Open
A5 South 12 Brooke12 Club
A5 12 Michelle12 Club
A5 12 Erin12 Club
A5 12 Jake13 Power
A5 12 Jing13 Power
A5 South 11 Jason12 / 11 Local
A5 11 Ada12 / 11 Local
A5 11 Walter12 Club
A5 10 Jon12 / 11 Local
IVC 18 Shelby18 Club
IVC JC 14 Resa14 Club
IVC JC 15 Lauren15 Club
IVC JC 15 AJ15 Power
IVC JC 16 Helen16 Club
IVC JC 16 Richard16 Power
TJVBC 17 Pro17 Open
TJVBC 16 Elite16 Club
IVC JC 17 Hannah17 Club
IVC JC 17 Erin17 Power
TJVBC 16 Pro16 Power
TJVBC 15 elite15 Club
TJVBC 15 Pro15 Power
TJVBC 14 elite14 Local
TJVBC 14 pro14 Club
TJVBC 13 pro13 Power
NGACE 14 Select14 Power
NGACE 16 Elite16 Open

A5 Sweeps Open Divisions At 2021 Lil Big South

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 10.01.39 AM.png

A5 Volleyball Club of Atlanta dominated its hometown tournament over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, winning every Open division and three other divisions at the 2021 edition of Lil’ Big South, even with most of their teams playing up an age group. 

Everything You Need To Know About 2021 Lil Big South

Lil big south

Action is returning to FloVolleyball this weekend with 2021 Lil Big South. Nearly 300 teams across 20 divisions will go head-to-head in Atlanta, GA for the ninth consecutive year for one of the earliest tournaments of the club season. 

Top Players & Teams To Watch At 2021 Lil Big South

Cheridyn Leverette.jpg

If you’re a high-level club volleyball player in the Southeastern United States, odds are you’re going to be playing in the 2021 Lil’ Big South tournament this Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. 

3 Major Storylines Of 2021 Lil Big South

Lil Big South

Martin Luther King Jr. weekend always marks the unofficial start of a new club volleyball season, and it’s no different this year  despite a lot of unknowns from week to week.

20 Clubs Returning For 2021 Lil Big South

Lil Big South

At this year's 2021 Lil Big South, there will be 20 clubs making a return to the event. These clubs have brought multiple teams to compete in past years and will do so again this year. 

How To Watch: 2021 Lil Big South


Action is returning to FloVolleyball this weekend with 2021 Lil Big South. Nearly 300 teams across 20 divisions will go head-to-head in Atlanta, GA for the ninth consecutive year for one of the earliest tournaments of the club season. 

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CAA Announces All Teams Will Compete In 2020-21 Conference Tournaments


The Colonial Athletic Association will provide every team in every sport the opportunity to participate in their respective conference tournaments during the 2020‐21 season as the league announced its championships schedule on Tuesday.

We Stand With You


The events of the last week have been tremendously painful to us all.