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2017 World Series Of Beach Volleyball Schedule Released

2017 World Series Of Beach Volleyball Schedule Released
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The World Series of Beach Volleyball updated the schedule page on its website, adding the men's and women's pools, as well as the schedule of play for the event, which begins Thursday, July 13.

Click here to see the television and live stream schedule for the event.

WSOBV Men's Pools

Pool A (International)
1. Alvaro Filho/Saymon Barbosa (Brazil)
2. Alexander Brouwer/Robert Meeuwsen (Netherlands)
3. Sam Pedlow/Sam Schachter (Canada)
4. Alex Ranghieri/Marco Caminati (Italy)

Pool B (International)
1. Piotr Kantor/Bartosz Losiak (Poland)
2. Adrian Gavira/Pablo Herrera (Spain)
3. Ben Saxton/Chaim Schalk (Canada)
4. Markus Bockermann/Lars Fluggen (Germany)

Pool C (USA)
1. Nick Lucena/Phil Dalhausser
2. John Hyden/Ryan Doherty
3. Trevor Crabb/Sean Rosenthal
4. Casey Jennings/Bill Kolinske

Pool D (USA)
1. Theo Brunner/Casey Patterson
2. Taylor Crabb/Jake Gibb
3. Marty Lorenz/Mark Burik
4. Billy Allen/Ed Ratledge

WSOBV Women's Pools

Pool A (International)
1. Talita Antunes/Larissa Franca (Brazil)
2. Laura Ludwig/Kira Walkenhorst (Germany)
3. Lili Maestrini/Josi Alves (Brazil)
4. Caleigh Whitaker/Sarah Pavan (Canada)

Pool B (International)
1. Chantal Laboureur/Julia Sude (Germany)
2. Heather Bansley/Brandie Wilkerson (Canada)
3. Kristina May/Taylor Pischke (Canada)
4. Sophie van Gestel/Madelein Meppelink (Netherlands)

Pool C (USA)
1. Brooke Sweat/Summer Ross
2. Emily Day/Brittany Hochevar
3. Kim DiCello/Emily Stockman
4. Lane Carico/Caitlin Ledoux

Pool D (USA)
1. Sara Hughes/Kelly Claes
2. April Ross/Lauren Fendrick
3. Kerri Walsh Jennings/Nicole Branagh
4. Betsi Flint/Kelley Larsen


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Time (PT) Stadium Court Court 2 Court 3 Court 4
10 AM Talita/Larissa (BRA) vs. Lili/Josi (BRA) Ludwig/Walkenhorst (GER) vs. Whitaker/Pavan (CAN) Laboureur/Sude (GER) vs. van Gestel/Meppelink (NED) May/Pischke (CAN) vs. Bansley/Wilkerson (USA)
10:50 AM Ross A./Fendrick (USA) vs. Walsh Jennings/Branagh (USA) Hughes/Claes (USA) vs. Flint/Larsen (USA) Sweat/Ross S. (USA) vs. Carico/Ledoux (USA) Day/Hochevar (USA) vs. DiCello/Stockman (USA)
11:40 AM Brouwer/Meeuwsen (NED) vs. Herrera/Gavira (ESP) Alvaro/Saymon (BRA) vs. Ranghieri/Caminati (ITA) Kantor/Losiak (POL) vs. Bockermann/Fluggen (GER) Saxton/Schalk (CAN) vs. Pedlow/Schachter (CAN)
12:30 PM Brunner/Patterson (USA) vs. Crabb Tr./Rosenthal (USA) Lucena/Dalhausser (USA) vs. Jennings/Kolinske (USA) Crabb Ta./Gibb (USA) vs. Allen/Ratledge (USA) Hyden/Doherty/ (USA) vs. Lorenz/Burik (USA)
1:30 PM Ludwig/Walkenhorst (GER) vs. Lili/Josi (BRA) Talita/Larissa (BRA) vs. Whitaker/Pavan (CAN) Laboureur/Sude (GER) vs. May/Pischke (CAN) Bansley/Wilkerson (CAN) vs. Gestel/Meppelink (NED)
2:30 PM Hughes/Claes (USA) vs. Walsh Jennings/Branagh (USA)
Ross/Fendrick (USA) vs. Flint/Larsen (USA)
Sweat/Ross S. (USA) vs. DiCello/Stockman (USA) Day/Hochevar (USA) vs. Carico/Ledoux (USA)
3:30 PM Alvaro/Saymon (BRA) vs. Herrera/Gavira (USA) Brouwer/Meeuwsen (NED) vs. Ranghieri/Caminati (ITA) Kantor/Losiak (POL) vs. Saxton/Schalkt (CAN) Pedlow/Schachter (CAN) vs. Bockermann/Fluggen (GER)
4:30 PM Lucena/Dalhausser (USA) vs. Crabb Tr./Rosenthal (USA) Crabb Ta./Gibb (USA) vs. Lorenz/Burik (USA) Brunner/Patterson (USA) vs. Jennings/L (USA) Crabb Ta./Gibb (USA) vs. Allen/Ratledge (USA)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Time (PT) Stadium Court Court 2 Court 3 Court 4
9 AM Talita/Larissa (BRA) vs. Ludwig/Walkenhorst (GER) Laboureur/Sude (GER) vs. Bansley/Wilkerson (CAN)
May/Pischke (CAN) vs. van Gestel/Meppelink (NED) Lili/Josi (BRA) vs. Whitaker/Pavan (CAN)
10 AM Walsh Jennings/Branagh (USA) vs. Flint/Larsen (USA)
Hughes/Claes (USA) vs. Ross/Fendrick (USA) Sweat/Ross S. (USA) vs. Day/Hochevar (USA) DiCello/Stockman (USA) vs. Carico/Ledoux (USA)
11 AM Alvaro/Saymon (BRA) vs. Brouwer/Meeuwsen (NED) Herrera/Gavira (ESP) vs. Ranghieri/Caminati (ITA)
Kantor/Losiak (USA) vs. Pedlow/Schachter (CAN)
Saxton/Schalk (CAN) vs. Bockermann/Fluggen (GER)
12:30 PM Lucena/Dalhausser (USA) vs. Brunner/Patterson (USA)
Hyden/Doherty (USA) vs. Crabb Ta./Gibb (USA) Crabb Tr./Rosenthal (USA) vs. Jennings/Kolinske (USA)
Allen/Ratledge (USA) vs. Lorenz/Burik (USA)
2:07 PM Women's Quarterfinals Women's Quarterfinals
3:05 PM Women's Quarterfinals Women's Quarterfinals
4:10 PM Men's Quarterfinals Men's Quarterfinals

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time (PT) Stadium Court Court 2
10:02 AM Hughes/Claes (USA) vs. Ross/Fendrick (USA)
10:30 AM
Talita/Larissa (BRA) vs. Ludwig/Walkenhorst (GER)
11:10 AM Lucena/Dalhausser (USA) vs. Crabb Ta./Gibb (USA) Kantor/Losiak (POL) vs. Ranghieri/Caminati (ITA)
12:50 PM Women's Bronze
2 PM Women's Gold
3:30 PM Awards Ceremony
4 PM NVL Finals
5 PM NVL Finals

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Time (PT) Stadium Court
10 AM Men's Semifinals
11:10 AM Men's Semifinals
12:05 PM Music/Entertainment
1:15 PM Men's Bronze
3 PM Men's Gold
4:30 PM Awards Ceremony

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