You Know You're A Middle Blocker When...

You Know You're A Middle Blocker When...
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Middles have a tough job. They're responsible for patrolling the net from antenna to antenna, and they have to be ready for a quick set at any time. Often, middles don't get enough credit. If you're a middle, you'll be nodding your head right along with this list.

You can't wear rings because your fingers are always jammed.

You are a master of the ancient art of finger taping.

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The other team always targets you when you play defense during your serving rotation.

After a long rally you feel like you've run a marathon.

You get one dig and suddenly think you're a libero.

For every set you get, you transitioned 94,502 times.

You're always in the setter's way.

You started playing middle because you were the tallest one on the team in middle school.

You've been drilled in the back of the head by a teammate's missed serve.

You're obsessed with keeping your hitting percentage the highest on the team.

The stereotype that middles are dumb genuinely offends you.

You're not afraid to admit defeat when you get juked out by the opposing team's setter.

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